Dear PAPpers and others,

Would you like to handle stress healthily during your studies? Live more consciously? Worry less and
experience more happiness? Yes, yes and yes? Come to the workshop Mindfulness on March 19th!

During this workshop you will learn how difficult situations trigger an emotional response consisting of thoughts, physical sensations, feelings and actions. What if you can train more
awareness for each of these components? Attention is key.

We will explore different exercises to train your attention. The workshop is a practical and down-to-earth workshop full of interactive elements. After this workshop you will have experienced a first taste of being more mindful and have received ideas on how to start training your brain.

The workshop will be in Langeveld E124 at 15:15 – 17:30. You can register via or e-mail to for non-members. The costs will be free for members. Be quick, because we have limited spots!

With kind regards,
The Studiecie, study association PAP